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What Do You Do With Love?

This statement hits the heart strings with a powerful resonance. Love is a powerful emotion. Left uncontrolled and without a guide it can be destructive. With careful cultivation and intention it can be the most powerful emotion beings have.

What do we do with love? What drives us to want to express this emotion? The pull, the vibration, it can be felt. A spark has struck you and another. There is a desire to be close, both in physical proximity and emotionally. There is a yearning for trust, openness, and security that this other person wants to support you. This is where we dive into the meta. How individuals show and express their love is different.

Some love is jealous, some is pure, some is mean, some is kind, some is tough, bringing to mind he famous expression "What's love got to do with it?" Everything. All our connections are based in love. Friendship has love, partnership has love, families have love. You can love a cousin and not get along. You can love your spouse and still need to take a healthy 5 minutes away from them. Love is the commitment to maintain a relationship over time. Through trial and error, patience, and jokingly, a short memory. Love requires forgiveness. As we must accept that life does not come with a hand book and sometimes those we love may disappoint us. It is critical to always be diplomatic, seeing of all sides. Yours and theirs to foster healthy two way communication. Open communication. Space where you can talk freely and there is not a consequence, or ultimatum. No violence, and no fear.

Love should feel courageous. It should feel secure. It should be a knowing that there is a person in the world that cares for your well being. One that wants you present in their world and honors your whole being. If you aren't feeling love, or loved, start with yourself. Do you love you? Are you comfortable with the human you are? Are you proud to wake up and present yourself? We must be fully present and own our own vessels and emotions before we can be available to someone else. Because as another famous saying goes "If you can't love yourself, how can you love anybody else?"


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