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KRDO - News Channel 13 Interviews Be Well!

Big news! We were asked by KRDO - News Channel 13 to join a discussion on the emotional roller coaster of the holiday season. With the rise of covid cases through the county and the mix of people staying home, or traveling to see families, there is more pressure than usual this holiday season. Our clinical director Christine Ault joins Jasmine Arenas of KRDO to offer advice on how to move smoothly through the final weeks of the year. Watch here!

We have seen our share of cases at our clinic. From people greatly affected by the numerous changes happening through out the world, to people that have been able to navigate all the haziness with some peace. Then the many that are up, down, and all around. Mastering the mind is key this year. To be internally aware of the polarity of every situation, as most things are gray, and never starkly black and white. It is going to be a true test of character and will to be able to choose how you react to potential stresses, triggers, and life altering changes. Allowing yourself to be the diplomat and see all sides is going to be an asset as people navigate our current social climate. Some of us are isolated from our loved ones and feeling alone. Some of us have been presented with huge culture shock as we see people for who they truly are. Dynamics in relationships are being tested, as people are reacting to being locked down, the lingering limbo of a hostile political race, coupled with the pressure of being able to provide in a season that stresses giving and spending. The list of woes is stacking precariously high and some of us are asking, "What if, I, am spent? Tired? Listless?"

However you are feeling, it is fine. Allow the space for all of the peaks and valleys, but try and walk through it with an observers gaze. Working through the goods and the bads to create a level playing field. Zoom in to see the details of what is causing your emotions, and reactions. Zoom out to see how it plays in your overall life path. Is this feeling a hindrance, or is it helping you move forward? What are you pulled towards? What is the magnetism that is drawing you to this idea? Is it worth remaining attracted to? Or do you need to change what draws you? Practice leads to mastery. Having the right tools will set you up for success.

Happy Thursday Be Well Family. We are here for you!


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