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Level Up - The Transformational Mindset

In today's reading we stumbled upon this article from Psychology Today about how we act, and process relationships. One of the check in questions asks, "Who are the people you want to create transformational relationships with?" At Be Well, we hope one of those people is yourself.

We can always be closer and truer to ourselves. Learning how to rely on yourself, and encourage trust and empowerment are constant lessons. Being present means traversing continuously on this avenue of transformation. Are you treating yourself like someone you wish to see succeed and thrive? Are you allowing yourself the space to reach out and explore what moves you? Are you making room to acknowledge that which you have accomplished?

Relationship building is a discipline. You have to learn to be spacious, while also knowing when to set boundaries. This can practiced internally. When that inner critic starts ranting, when guilt and shame creep in, you can simply look at them and say you have had enough. You do not need to wallow in those feelings. You may counter act them with positive affirmations. Remind yourself where you have come from and where you are. If you feel you are lower than before, what is it about that past self you look up to? Ask yourself, "where is that person?" For they are still there.

Likewise, if there is something you see in another, perhaps one of those other people you want to build a transformational relationship with, what is it about them? What character trait do they posses that you feel is an admirable quality? How can you use this as inspiration? You do not need to compare yourself to others. Your only focus needs to be how you are moving and acting through the world. What kind of presence are you bringing into a space? Are you seeing the potential? Or as Psychology Today says are you coming in with a transformational mind? What are you giving and how are you growing?

These are some of our own follow up questions. As we recognize our true capacity through self actualization we become certain and sure of our being. Never so far as to be self righteous, but enough to be proud of who we are. Proud and confident in the fact that we deserve to strive for joy.

You are a magnificent, capable human and it is within you to recognize and lift that person up.


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