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Our Mission

Our mission is in our name - Be Well.

Our goal is to promote wellness by inspiring hope and facilitating the journey to develop balance.

Our Business

Be Well Counseling Services officially began in 2016, but its roots go back much further.  Owner and President, Christine Ault, began working in the social services and mental health fields back in 1999.  The journey began when Christine started working with at-risk families providing life skills and family preservation services.  It was then that Christine noticed many of the families she worked with were struggling with trauma.

Christine had a vision in 2015, and Be Well Counseling Services is the product of that vision.  Her drive to help people by providing client-centered services for children, adults, and professionals entering the mental health field, is contributing to the success of Be Well Counseling Services.  Be Well Counseling Services is thriving in the Colorado Springs community, and it has nowhere to go but forward.  Christine works tirelessly to help everyone who walks through her doors to be the best them that they can be!

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Our Growing Family

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