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Feeling a Little Torn and Tattered?

The trials and tribulations of life often have us feeling torn and ripped apart. The fear of never being able to put oneself back together is a crippling feeling, but there is always hope! Sometimes it just takes an alternative view point to make us see that the parts of us that have been scared are now signs of survival as we continue to move forward. These are our "stripes." The markings that show we have lived, we have persevered, and we are still here. We at Be Well were inspired by this article exploring an art practice that highlights the cracks / breaks in the beauty of things. Kintsugi, which can be interpreted as - Golden Repair - is a pottery method that takes broken pottery and not only fixes it, but transforms the piece into a new masterful work of art. Take a look and tell us what you think!

How can we adapt this philosophy into our lives as we remind ourselves that the parts of our journey that hurt the most, are often what make us the most lustrous?

As always, be well.


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