We really enjoyed being a part of the YMCA Back to School Summerfest this past weekend.  We met a LOT of new people, and we got our message out to the community.  Little Girl made an appearance and was the hit of the show.  She got soooo much attention.  She even got her picture taken with the Sierra High School cheerleaders.  Thank you so much ladies.  It made her feel very special.  We look forward to meeting with each and every one of you again.  Remember to BE WELL Colorado Springs!

On March 10, KRDO News Channel 13 contacted Be Well Counseling Services and asked for an expert opinion on three questions related to youth in violent crimes.  The three questions that were asked were as follows:

1)  In your experience, what are some of the risk factors that can result in criminal behavior for young people?

2)  Are there certain behavioral "red flags" that people can look out for if they suspect their kids are getting involved with criminal activities?

3)  What are the best resources for people if they suspect their child is headed down a bad path?

We video taped our responses at Be Well Counseling Services, and we sent the videos back to KRDO.  Of course, only a very small portion of our responses was used during the news broadcast, but it was an honor and a privilege to be a part of our communit