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Clinical services


We offer internships for each semester, fall, spring, and summer. It is a competitive field and we only accept two interns a semester but we want to hear from you!

If you have a desire to get a more in-depth and personal experience in the therapy world, then our clinic may be a great fit for you! We specialize in helping children, and families, as well as individuals with trauma, anxiety, and depression.

We prioritize applicants that would look to us for their candidacy as well. 

If you think this is right for you please send us your resume and a cover letter detailing your interests in counseling, our clinic, and what you hope to accomplish.


Be Well Counseling offers opportunities for therapists looking for a place to complete their candidacy, or that are in need of supervision as they work towards their licensure.

Send us your resume and cover letter if you are interested in a potential opportunity with Be Well. 

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